Transformative Transition

Transformative Transition

A blog by COO, USMC Veteran, Joanna M. Sweatt


It is important to recognize that Veterans aren’t looking for a handout but instead they are looking for an opportunity. TVD is interested in compiling as many opportunities for returning Veterans and helping them leverage and access those resources in ways that will be advantageous to their life.


When Veterans transition, they plan for the basic life logistics but they don’t account for the relationships that can help them the most in this transition period. TVD is that bridge to help guide Veterans down specific pathways towards their goals and helping them establish a viable network.


We talk about TRANSFORMATION with Veterans and we tell them to open up their dream wheel and to actively pursue it during transition. We call this TRANSFORMATIVE TRANSITION. There is not a better time than now to raise your hand and say, “I served and I’m ready for the community to receive and support me.”


The Veterans Directory is filled with a plethora of offerings that can help Veterans succeed. We have options for career attainment, education services, small business/entrepreneurship programs, health/wellness outlets, legal services, housing services, and getting involved overall. We fill the gaps that help enrich humanity.


TVD believes that each returning Veteran deserves to be onboarded and welcomed back to their community. We roll out the red carpet and we let them know that we are here: ready to serve and connect them to the greater community.


Join us in welcoming our Veterans home and seek ways to collaborate with TVD to create a larger impact of inclusion in our communities. Veterans add a value to our communities that is exponential. Servant leaders working together for brighter futures.


If you are interested in adding to the Veterans Transformative Transition dialogue or you wish to support and mentor Veterans in some capacity, please contact